Chamber Music Classes

Unique opportunities are created for children to participate in Chamber Music classes and to develop their musicality, love and joy of playing together, in small groups and experience the benefits of participation in regular concerts and recital work.

The phrase musica da camera, Italian for “music of the chamber,” originally referred to any music not intended for the church or for a dramatic or festive purpose. Today the term chamber music is applied to a type of classical music that is written for small groups of instruments. Each player of a chamber piece has a different part, and each part is of equal importance.

Ensemble work is an important element in the development of listening skills, group music making, and coordination and leadership skills. Chamber music and large ensembles should be a part of music learning for all students.

The young musicians learn the skills of sight-reading and ensemble playing as they explore the chamber music literature. Students will learn how to listen to themselves to play for and listen to one another in an informal setting as well as how to perform on stage.

Chamber Music expands a student’s social as well as musical horizons and act as an incentive to practice. Participating in chamber ensembles can provide the greatest satisfaction of playing a musical instrument.