Philosophy of Musical Training

At the core of the philosophy of musical training lies a commitment to strengthening the musicality of each student and awakening their musical responsiveness. The goal is to help the child to understand and respond to music, so that each student progresses in accordance with his or her own musical ability and pace from an early age and assure the maximum growth for the individual, whether the goal is a professional career or an adult life rich in emotional and artistic values.

Great care is taken to discover the innate talents of each student, who is expected not only to absorb established knowledge, ideas and techniques, but also to think for himself in preparation for the professional world and to explore ways of entering this world beyond its perceived confines.

Music Teaching Method

The teaching method is based on the philosophy of the Russian and European Schools and on a deep understanding of child psychology and the development of the child’s individuality. The aim is to foster professional and artistic skills in future performers and to give exceptional significance to the development of creativity, emotional receptivity and communication in music.